Brand identity design, printed collateral, packaging design, art direction, styling and project management.

Taking a feminist stance for this personal branding project, I identified a problem within the prolific Whisky industry; that the spirit is visually marketed to a stereotypically older, male audience, excluding women, especially of a younger generation, from the relatability of the product as a result.
Literally translated to 'Strong Woman' in Scottish Gaelic, I independently created BANA, a Whisky brand visually tailored to a young, female market. The purpose of the project is to encourage viewers to question the extent of their own decision making as a consumer, based solely on the gendered branding of the products they are exposed to .
The final outcome of this independent project was a moving image commercial, printed information cards and packaging design for BANA Whisky.
For this project, I sourced and styled models that I felt were representative of BANA as a brand. I also sourced and collaborated with a large creative team; Scottish Kiltmakers Gordon Nicholson, textile and fashion designers Emma Wilkinson and Olivia Gabrailtis, filmmaker Wayne Mazadza, film editor Elias Nader and fashion photographer Wami Aluko.
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